Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Deacon's Index of South Carolina Welfare Facts

  • Percent of South Carolina able-bodied parents on TANF (welfare) who are required to work or be in vocational training for at least 30 hours per week: 100
  • Number of months a South Carolina family may receive TANF in a 10 year period: 24
  • Number of months in a lifetime: 48
  • Number of teen parents under 18 who receive TANF checks in South Carolina: 0
  • Maximum monthly amount that a South Carolina family may receive in TANF: $271
  • Percent of the Federal Poverty Level to which this raises South Carolina TANF families: 18
  • Amount TANF increases for every additional child born: $0
  • Number of drug felons convicted after August 22, 1996 who are eligible to receive food stamps: 0
  • Percent of families who no longer need food stamps after 8 months: 50
  • Percent who no longer need food stamps after 12 months: 61
  • Percent of all food stamp benefits recieved by families with children: 66
  • Percent recieved by disabled adults: 16
  • Percent recieved by the elderly: 9
  • Average gross monthly income of families receiving food stamps: $673
All statistics were obtained from the South Carolina Department of Social Services.


Anonymous said...

STUNNING! This should be put into editorial format for the The State - - IMMEDIATELY!

vedette said...

Why do South Carolina legislators hate people who are poor?

Anonymous said...

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