Monday, March 16, 2009

Letters From Desolation Row, SC (part II)

My name is [withheld], I live in Westminster SC (Oconee County) and I was just wondering if you know any where that provides dental work for low income families I am willing to travel some where if need be.

I was going to apply for Medicaid I had to wait for our birth certificates to come in and about 2 days before they got here I got a letter in the mail saying that Medicaid no longer covers dental procedures.

Now I have a couple cavities that make me sick when I try to eat or do anything else for that matter. I have a prescription for Hydrocodone that the ER doctor gave me when I went there because my face was all swelled up from the infection in my tooth but I am a little worried about taking it because I breast feed my son and don't want to pass any of the drug to him but on the other hand if I don't eat then he don't get the nutrition he needs. I am stuck in a rough spot and need help to get out.

Can you help me or do you know any one else that might be able to ? Thank you so much for any and all help!


cdmwebs said...

A shame, but if you haven't already found this link maybe it will help.

Deacon Tim said...

Thanks for the tip.

The network of free clinics, which are reliant on volunteer doctors and donated medicine, is the "solution" our free market health care system has developed to serve the 37% of South Carolina residents with no health insurance. It works about as well as it can, considering.

Anonymous said...

Tell her to call the governor's office. Maybe they can help.


Anonymous said...

Also meant to say good article in the Washington Post. You always did give good quotes.

However, I was amused to see a sports analogy coming from a guy who's totally disinterested in sports.