Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blognet News Rates Us Number 18

This blog is NOT number one. That deserved honor belongs to my good friend Not Very Bright, because, dammit, he deserves it. Thoughtful, fair, balanced (in a un-Fox-like way), NVB consistently provides top-notch analysis of what's wrong out there, and how we can fix it.

It's not even number two. Brad Warthen gets that spot, bringing big-time MSM into the wild blogosphere.

It's not even number 10, who has not posted since January (when he announced Lindsay's"Legislator of the Year Award" in those pre-immigration bill days) or number 15, who hasn't written since he endorsed Tommy Moore for Governor. (Buyer's regret, perhaps?) But at number 18, I edged out Tim at Crack the Bell, which puzzles me, since he's a cracker-jack branding and marketing guru, and I'm positive he gets way more hits than I do.

I thought 18 was good, until I realized that dead blogs and Crunchy creamed me. That just hurts. Katie Couric probably has better ratings than I do.

What do I have to do to get some readers, write about naked people falling from the sky or Paris Hilton's bra slippage?


Dave Mastio said...

You know, in the note I sent you I did try to emphasize the fact that there were not enough blogs in the system for it to work as designed yet. I think that was paragraph two.

If you'd like to help us make some additions, I can be reached at editor@blognetnews.com

NVB said...

Well, shucks. That was awful nice. Thanks.